NashVegas; A recap of mom’s wedding.

Rewind about two weeks to the highlight of my summer, I had just left a week vacation with Riley & his family & we were now in Nashville with my family for my moms wedding. We arrived on Thursday afternoon, the wedding was Friday, so we just went to dinner then came back to the hotel & knocked out. Friday morning the boys went golfing, while the girls went & explored Nash. At about two everyone started to get ready & headed to the venue. It was a simple & small, liiiike 18 people total, small, yet it was still perfect. They got married in this suuuupper cool hipster studio apartment (sounds weird but I promise it was so amazing). Everyone looked so cute in their outfits, mom looked stunning in her $36 wedding dress (yup, $36). There was no set time for the ceremony, just pretty much when mom was ready (typical), it lasted maybe 8 minutes. After their vows, they danced their first dance, & then had shots for everyone, I was her maid of honor so I decided to surprise her with a speech. Once the toast was over it was time to head to dinner, we went to wild horse saloon where everyone ate, drank, & just enjoyed good company. By 9 everyone was ready to get ready for a night out on the strip, the little ones got put to sleep, the adults got ready & we hit the strip. Everyone was super excited because, well, they don’t really get out too much, & what better place to party than downtown Nashville?! Aka NashVegas because of how quickly its growing & how many bars there are on the strip! Riley & I did our best to hangout with the adults butttttt we got shut down real quickly as we weren’t 21, so after a few failed attempts we cut our losses & headed back to our hotel room. The rest of them stayed out for a whilllleeee, like 2:30 am a while, & sent us plenty of snaps so even though we weren’t really there it felt like we were. It was nice to see them cut loose & even nicer to see how hungover they were the next morning.

Saturday morning Riley left to go play basketball with a friend from college while I hung out w the fam. Once everyone was somewhat alive we headed to the gulch for lunch which is a really nice area with lots of restaurants, stores, coffee shop, & boutiques.  They decided on Bar Louie, the place was super cute & had a pretty nice menu from what I saw. I didn’t stick around to eat because I was going to lunch with Riley, his friend, & his friends girlfriend. They took us to a place called Bartaco & it was soooooooo good. After lunch we said our goodbye’s and Riley & I explored the 12 south area a little bit more. It was so hot we decided we needed ice cream, we stopped at Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream, we had to wait for like 15 minutes but it was definitely worth it, they had the craziest flavors, best ice cream I’ve ever had. Later that night we got dinner with my mom, Mike (her husband), my aunt & uncle. We laughed a lot as they told stories about their night then we took a scenic walk back to our hotel, that was one of my moments of the trip. Once we got back we headed to the 10th floor and sat on the balcony for a while & enjoyed our last night together, the sky was lit up by the lights of downtown, & the streets were loud with drunk pedestrians. If I had the balls (& money) I’d move there now, but I don’t so that’s the post college goal. It was quite a trip & Nashville is quite the city. Thanks for showing us such a good time.

’til next time Nashville, tay.


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