A day downtown

I keep finding myself becoming more, & more bored with the same ole routine, doing the same things. I just want more, I want to explore & go do things I don’t normally. My urge to just DO more led me to downtown Lansing on a gloomy Saturday morning with a best friend.

Our adventure began with parallel parking, it took me about 7 tries, but hey, I did it! Of course our first stop was Bigby to get that very needed extra shot of expresso, after that we were off. We just strolled around downtown talking, noticing restaurants & things we’ve never before, stoping for every photo opportunity we could. Our favorite location was mirrored glass on the outside, but when you peered in, it was an abandoned bar that could have so much potential.Then along came a man who gave us quite the story, but not his name. He told us we must be filipino because we look exactly like his baby mama when she was 19. He complimented us on our poses & walked with us for a while, he told us about how he teaches Taekwondo, & walks 30 miles a day. Needless to say we were impressed. Before we went our separate ways he asked for money so he could buy a sandwich, if had had anything besides a $20 I would’ve given it to him. Looking back I wish I would have. He told us to be safe & have a blessed day, we said the same to him. Our last stop was the capital, there was a decent amount of people exploring for themselves; a dad & his toddler, a boyfriend & his girlfriend, playing on the stairs, taking photos. Before we knew it is was time to go, because reality was calling our names. That morning wasn’t anything fancy, but it was better than nothing. It’s always nice to be a tourist in your own town sometimes.


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