I know summers basically over buttttttt

I wanted to do a post on some of my favorite bathing suits, not only are they some of my favorite but they were all under $14!! Yes… $14 total!!! let me start by letting you all know I’m literally a bathing suit addict, from the time I was probably 14 I’ve always had at least 20+ bathing suits I’m not sure why really but I have a serious problem w having a lot of options, and I literally refuse to post to pics in the same suit unless it’s like a year later which is totally unnecessary I know but just me 🙄 Anyways, I got everyone of these suits from AliExpress. AliExpress is basically a super cheap, online shopping place the only thing is that it can be supppper sketchy. Almost everything you see on the site is from some type of shop or manufacturer from china which can be risky. I was super hesitant to buy from this site/ app (yes! It comes as an app) the first time but I did a little bit of research before hand and found it not to be too bad. I basically searched “bikinis” and and then when I scrolled thru and found ones I liked I clicked on the boutique that would be shipping my suit to me and read the reviews from American buyers. I never bought from a place where the buyers said they didn’t get their order. While I have always gotten my order it can take anywhere from a week to month to come, so I always made it a point to order wayyyy ahead of time! Another thing to be careful of is the sizing, I always ordered a size up because their size scale is different and much smaller! Even though it took forever and could be sketchy I literally love the suits, they’re cute & cheap which is literally perfect for any college student who’s still trying to look great at the beach. They’re a favorite and I always end up buying like 8-10 per summer and they’re all super different and diverse!!! Now not every suit was my favorite and some weren’t that great of quality but that’s the risk when you’re paying $8-$14. If you love suits (& prefer to not spend a shit ton of money on them) this a site for you as long as you can have some patience! 😘

Ps- I forgot like two of my fave suits from here and shot when I was out of town so I’m sorry!

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