My Happy Place

Pentwater is hands down my favorite place in Michigan, I'm fairly certain even as I continue to travel & go new places all around the world it will always be top 3. It's somewhere I always feel at ease, my happy place. I go every year with my family until this year I've always stayed for the whole week; playing endless rounds of putt-putt, eating as much concession stand food & ice cream my stomach can hold, & seeing the prettiest sunsets, all with the people I love most.

This year I was only able to stay for 3 days bc being a big girl & having responsibilities kinda sucks. 🙄 Just like last year, I brought my boyfriend, and the 4 years before rotated between friends. Honestly, I only bring people I realllllly love to Pentwater bc I like to think of it as my little treasure almost, & in turn I only want to share my treasure with people I care for the most.

Like every year we stayed at a house that was within walking distance of both town & the beach. We didn't do too much because of the short amount of time we were there, but on the agenda was definitely the beach, sunsets, putt-putt, ice cream, & of course Mt. Baldy. By day we were at the beach soaking up as much sun as possible, midday was either a nap or putt- putt, & night was ice cream & the sunset. Tuesday, Riley & I woke up at 6:30 am to go workout on Mt. Baldy, and by workout I mean I walked up it twice while he ran up it & did an arm workout in between each, I was not partaking in that…. nope. The hike is a bitch but the view makes it well worth it.

Tuesday was also Aunt Jacki's birthday so we celebrated by going to dinner in town, & then going go karting with everyone, Riley & I drove the little girls & everyone else was every man for themselves. Even nana was whipping around the track in her go kart, that was a blast, seeing everyone smile & laugh like that was awesome. Oh & coming in first was awesome too (ok, 2nd but I don't wanna talk about it). Tuesday ended just the way it was supposed too, with ice cream & the sunset.

Wednesday was our day of departure & I could've cried, literally. I woke up early because we needed to leave by like 9 & I couldn't not take full advantage of my last few hours in my very favorite place. I decided to take a walk down the pier & beach by myself. I popped my headphones in & walked down the pier first taking in everything I could; the million dollar homes with pretty flowers, the couples walking their dogs, the committed runners who, even though they're out of breath, never fail to say hello. I walked for a while, & sat on the end of the pier for about 10 minutes watching the waves crash into the mermaid rocks, just amazed at the view & abundance of beauty. Walking down the pier that day I remember feeling soooo incredibly at peace, a way I haven't felt in a very, very, long time. It was pure serenity in every sense of the word, if I could, I would've stayed forever.

I think the real reason I love Pentwater goes far beyond the beauty it offers, instead all of the memories I have with all my very favorite people. Emotional attachment (for me at least) will always trump anything. Aside from a handful there really are no bad memories in Pentwater, just lots of sun & smiles. I'm so very thankful to have a place like that, & friends & family who make it even more special. 🌞🌸🌊💓

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